Past, Present and Future

In 1751, a quarter-century before colonists founded these United States, John Sherwood, a convert of the “Great Awakening” preacher George Whitefield, founded the “The Baptized Church of Christ.”

The present building was constructed in 1813 to replace the original which was struck by lighting and burned. Built on a gentle rise as a “Light on the Hill,” the church has long been a beacon of hope, ministering to generations of faithful from Fairfield, Bridgeport and places farther afield. Over 50 pastors have since filled the pulpit of this humble church.

While much has changed in the town and country during the past 250 years, one thing has remained unchanged at First Baptist Church – the good news of Jesus Christ is faithfully and boldly proclaimed.

And while our church has a long history, it never, for a moment, lives in the past. Our church is not a museum, but a testimony to the timeless faithfulness of God. We do not look to the past but to the undeniable evidence that we worship a living God who is active in our lives today and is preparing a glorious future for those who will come to him in faith.